22 July 2014

Finished: Embroidered birthday card

I spent Saturday night doodling.  That's the kind of exciting life I lead.  To be perfectly honest I was sick as a dog and just hunkering down on the couch with a notebook and pencil and some thing crappy on the TV.

Now Im no great artist (can't draw for shit to be honest!) but I CAN doodle.  On Sunday morning I looked at my scrawlings and decided to turn one of them into a little embroidered birthday card for my niece.

I set to work straight away and was quite proud of the outcome and I even made the envelope out of some tracing paper and wash!!

Now I better get it down to the post office and send it on its way.

05 July 2014

2 parcels

I forgot to check for post yesterday and as I was getting home late from a rare night out, I thought I should just quickly check the mailbox.  I was so excited to find two parcels just for me.  I put on Rage and madly opened them up.

I don't know which one I was more excited about.  The first parcel was July's instalment of Jellywares Winter Yarnclub.  My mate had mentioned she had received her parcel and I think that was the main reason I was checking my mailbox at ten to midnight.

Look at the beautiful purpley pink yarn, it is just gorgeous and even though I haven't even started June's project I was seriously excited to get this latest package of goodness.  And approximately 30 seconds after taking these photos this morning I nom nom nommed the shortbread.  It. Was. Gooooood.

But wait, there's more.  An unexpected parcel from my Uni, full of all the things a new student needs.  And what is it about stationery that make me drool - seriously a trip to Officeworks makes my day!  Started studying on Monday and there is so much to take in, and so so much to read.  Only 5 days in and I seriously think my brain is almost full.  Am I loving it?  I sure am, but you just may need to ask me again in another week, month, year, decade hahahaha.

25 June 2014

In a quandary

I have been thinking long and hard about what to do with my beloved blog.

The good news is I got a place at Uni and I start on 30 June.  Oh crikey that is like less than a week away.  After much deliberation I decided to apply for the foundation Pathways Enabling course at UNE.  I probably had the qualifications to get straight on the degree course but I was so nervous about becoming a student for numerous reasons (juggling study with work and parenthood, never having studied at this level before, not studying anything in the last 20 years) that Im pretty sure that this is the perfect course for me.  If all goes to plan, next year I will start my undergraduate degree in Psychology.

The bad news is that something has to give if I want to take this on and the obvious place to free up some time is my blog and crafting.  That said, there is no way I plan on giving up sewing and knitting but just easing back on it.  Ive decided to keep my blog going but on a smaller scale (not that its huge or anything haha).  Just pop in now and then when I have some crafting or suchlike to talk about.

Ultimately I love having this record of my crafting life and I want to keep it ticking over.  Whilst it is small and imperfect, it is a little corner of the internet that is all mine and I love it.

Do you like Grayson Perry?  I was blown away by his giant tapestry (above) I saw at the AGNSW a few weeks back.  It may not be hand embroidered but it is pretty damn inspiring all the same.

17 June 2014

Winter Yarn Club

I am so glad my mate Chloe put me onto to the Jellywares Yarn Club.  I was just a wee bit thrilled when my first winter parcel turned up last week.  Just as cute as I was told it would be.

The soft as a baby's bum Debbie Bliss wool is pretty much perfect in my eyes and the colour reminds me a bit of Elsa's dress in Frozen so just right for a winter project.

A few different fingerless glove projects were recommended and as the weather has turned decidedly nippy around here, the perfect project for my precious wool.  Plus I will get to improve my knitting skills by either working in the round or using double pointed needles, both of which I have done very little of.

02 June 2014

Things to do: June 2014

Lots of finishing to do in June, time to knock some projects on the head and move onto new and exciting things.

Things like a new quilt especially for me this time - I envisage this being a long term project and don't plan to actually get very far with it in June.  In fact I will be happy if I just make a decision on what kind of quilt I want to make.  Got to start somewhere!

Im excited to be joining the Yarn Club in June and am expecting the projects to be smaller and therefore more achievable which will be just what I need if all goes to plan (fingers crossed) and I become a student in the not too distant future.

28 May 2014

Life in progress…..the past week

Last week I was on the verge of getting some kind of lurgy, felt crap but not enough to miss work or stay in bed.  I thought this is going to go one way or other and Im pleased to say that its gone the good way and Im feeling much more jolly today.

Even got the sewing machine out - the first time since I moved in and finally started work on the Noodlehead Road Trip case that I cut out weeks ago.  It feels good to do some sewing again.  I really want to do some stash busting this year, definitely don't want to be buying any new fabrics until some of it has gone.

The Kid had a little mate over for a playmate so I decided to bake.  A very rare occurrence around these parts - one of the main reasons is that Im prone to stuffing my face full of fairy cakes when I do!

Madly knitting away at my hooded jumper still in the hope getting it done before the Yarn Club package arrives.

Happy Wednesday all.

19 May 2014

Oh no I did it again

I just couldn't help myself.  I bought more crafting magazines.  Seriously, if I made all the projects I like  in all the magazines and books I own it would probably take me until I was 190 years old.

Not quite sure exactly why I bought the Burda magazine as when I got it home there wasn't much in it that appealed. But the pompom magazine patterns are just gorgeous and I want to make them all.  Though I have I have categorically promised myself that I will not start any knitting or crochet projects until I have finished the one I am on - I am not going to start creating a yarn stash to go along with my out of control fabric stash.

However, I was tempted by Chloe over at Deadlycraft to join in the JellyWares on Marshall Winter Yarn Club (thanks for the heads up Miss C) - so now I have to get a move on with the hooded sweater that is on my needles so I can start doing the Yarn Club projects.  Then maybe I can look at the projects in pompom!

17 May 2014

Finished: Hoop-La Project No 3 - girl with Balloon

Finally finished a project that has been sitting half done for months now.  Its quite cute and looks sweet in the Kid's room, though Im not sure she has even noticed that I have put it up on the wall.

I wonder what my next project form this book will be?  Still loving Hoop-La.

14 May 2014

Life in Progress…the past week

Another Mother's Day under my belt and this year's was a good one - it involved a giant bag of Lindt Balls.  That Kid knows me so well, or could it have been me saying every time we went past the chocolate section "mmmmmm I do love Lindt Balls".  Sadly no picture of them as they have all been nom nom nommed.  And yes, I did share them with the little munchkin….reluctantly.

The Kid has been nagging for a bean bag for some time now and today as I was wasting time in Kmart I decided to just buy one and surprise the Kid when she got home from school.  Luckily the rather limp looking bean bag (thanks to more beans on the floor than in the bag) didn't fail to get a whoop whoop from her highness.  Though I was chastised for getting such a boring colour!!  Its denim, its classic I said - the words "what" and "ever" were mumbled.

Bought some Tuppaware (couldn't help myself) at the local Mother's Day fete we visited on Saturday.  Im not a big buyer of the mighty TWare but I do love it.  Its just a little bit on the pricey side for me normally plus I have A LOT of plastic containers filling up a whole kitchen cupboard already.  Oh well.  Look at the cutest little keyring I got for my troubles……no seriously that is the damn cutest thing ever.  I nearly went back to make a second order.

Broke my glasses on Monday and am walking around like the sad loser school kid you always see in TV shows that has blutak and sellotape holding them together.  Oh yes, I am that woman.  I have told the optician it is an absolute emergency but new glasses are not expected this side of the weekend.  Eeek.

As long as they hold together for the return of Offspring tonight, then all will be well with the world.

Happy Wednesday all.

13 May 2014

The Study Bug


I don't know about you, but school and me didn't really get on.  I loved the social side of school, but the work was a different matter and I was totally disinterested.  I couldn't wait to get out of the place quite frankly and I barely managed to pass a few lousy O Levels (the qualification of the day) with very average grades.

I wanted to get out into the big wide world and got a job in London and loved it.  However 3 or 4 years down the track I decided maybe now I was ready to study and maybe I wanted to go to Uni like most of my school chums did.  I went to night school and surprised myself by getting some suitable qualifications and I promptly applied.  I was stoked that I got a place at Nottingham University in the UK which they were happy to defer for a year so I could get my travelling bug out of my system too.

I departed on a round the world trip of a lifetime with the prospect of Uni when I returned. But life never quite goes as you plan it does it.  And, as you do, I fell in love with Australia and more importantly a man who lived here (even though he happened to be English too).  I decided to emigrate and I didn't look back.

Jump forward 20 years and life is quite different, still in Australia but now single with a 6 year old and about a month ago I woke up and thought (for probably the first time since then) its time to get that degree I always wanted.  Im not sure why I have got the urge now and not before but its definitely filling my head and I want to make it happen.  

So thats where I am - an inkling of an idea floating around my head and the prospect of a future full of learning.  I can't afford to give up work so I will have to pursue my dream part time and online. I don't know how I will do it, where I will do it or when.  I am at the start of what could be a long, long road but I  am seriously excited to be taking the first very small step on that journey.

I thought it might be fun to chart my progress here on my blog. 

12 May 2014

10 on 10: May 2014

Ive decided to join in with a bit of sunshine's monthly photo challenge 10 on 10 which is to take 10 photos on the 10th of the month in 10 consecutive hours.  So here is May's - being a Saturday it was easy to do (not sure how easy this will be on a day I spend 8 hours in the office).  If you want to check out the other's joining in - check out this page.

07 May 2014

Life in Progress

Its freezing here in Ellieboo land and I can't find the damn winter clothes.  Everyone seems to delight in reminding me when I mention said chilly conditions…."but you're English, this is a summer's day for you".  Ha ha, no, noone has ever said that to me before, much!

Back to the jumpers, where the hell are they……maybe I threw out more than I realised when I moved house.  They must be partying somewhere with the missing fruit bowl.  Hmmmmmm.

So this past week has been busy busy busy (boring work busy that is) - thats the trouble with taking a wonderful little holiday, you come back to a pile of work reaching to the roof all with deadlines a week ago.  So Ive been getting up that little bit earlier, arriving at before school care as they open the doors and picking up as they are about to kick the kid out.  And last weekend I helped out a friend by looking after her 2 kidlets all day on Saturday, fun but knackering.

So here I am on my Wednesday off, looking back at my past week and realising that yet again crafting was extremely thin on the ground and wondering what the hell I have done in the past week.  Well we did finally manage a trip to the Lego movie, I couldn't cope with the Kid telling me one more time that she was the ONLY kid in Australia that hadn't seen it.  And I may have a little inward giggle at the lone single man who snuck into the Sunday lunch time session and then proceeded to laugh very loud at all the in jokes - long live the nerd I say.

03 May 2014

Things to do: May 2014

Its that time of year again, yes time to start organising the Kid's birthday party.  Also known as my least favourite thing of the year to do.  So this year I am seriously thinking of outsourcing ALL OF IT.  The Kid recently went to a martial arts party and loved it.  So after looking around we found a place that does gymnastic parties and the Kid is very keen.  Fingers crossed it is available when we need it.

The other focus areas for May are some online studying, getting back my fitness and finishing some crafting projects.

30 April 2014

Life in Progress

We (the Kid, me and some friends) headed north last week to take advantage of the 10 for 3 deal*.  I have actually been to Nelson Bay before but it was for a work conference where the days were spent inside a meeting room and the evenings in the pub.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't really count as having "been" to Nelson Bay.

Well I have to say Nelson Bay totally rocks, we had an amazing week and it certainly didn't hurt that the sun sparkled all week (well except that one time it rained).  We were staying in a holiday unit on Little Beach just next door to the town centre and it was the sweetest little beach you could hope for, we swam every day, twice if we could get away with it.  I did oooh and aaah a titchy bit as I got in the water but  quickly gave myself a good slap around the head when I remembered the icy English waters I used frequent as a kid.

And we saw dolphins, lots and lots of dolphins - I seriously couldn't get enough of them.  The kids got to drive the boat, go tobogganing and eat a shit load** of ice-cream.  So everyone was happy.

Going back to work this week was no fun at all.  When's the next public holiday, I want to go look for dolphins….

* 10 days away from work for only 3 days annual leave - total bargain
** a technical term for quite a bit